Hanzi Master

"Where you will master the Hanzi."

Hanzi Master ("Hanzim") is a Chinese character learning-aid program for Mac, Windows, and iPad. It is designed to help you memorize characters and words by letting the structure they share work for you instead of against you.

  • In the main window, characters with the same radical, phonetic component, or pronunciation as a character of interest are shown in the bottom three panels. Words utilizing the character are displayed to the left and right.

  • Hanzim also includes a reader window where Chinese text can be loaded or pasted in and read with pop-up annotations.

  • A search window pops up to allow you to find characters by individual components, and search for words based on pronunciation with or without tone information.

In addition, Hanzim functions as a fast, easy dictionary: you can look up characters by Mandarin pinyin, Cantonese jyutping, radical, or English definition. Or paste a character from a browser or other place on your desktop for an instant view.

You can also test yourself with flashcards, see the historical development of a character, listen to its pronunciation, and display its stroke order.

Hanzim 3.2.3 is currently available for iPad.

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