Hanzim Privacy Policy

iHanzim stores user custom vocabulary lists of Chinese characters and words on their device. In addition, users may choose to upload these lists to their own accounts at Dropbox to back them up and share them between devices. Dropbox applies its own privacy policy in connection with this data. Natural Designs does not have access to user data stored in Dropbox.

iHanzim supports downloading third-party dictionaries for use in the app, which are hosted on the hanzim.com web server. That web server keeps logs of the IP addresses requesting these files. Natural Designs may access these logs but collects no information from them.

iHanzim provides a link to the support page hosted on the hanzim.com web server. IP addresses making connections to this server are logged. Users may voluntarily use the page to send an email to our support team, which provides email address and information in the email contents to Natural Designs.

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