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Hanzi Master as a downloadable desktop application is retired.

Twenty-one years is a long run for any software product, particularly one serving a niche within a niche. Hanzi Master was first released as an open source linux application in 1996, and gained some popularity through packaging in several distributions. It was converted to a commercial product in 2007 in the hopes that the resulting financial benefits could support taking it to the next level. Although this never fully panned out, massive improvements were made to the dictionary data and feature set, and versions were released for Windows and Macintosh.

Sales in recent years however have been insufficient to justify further efforts on maintenance, so we have removed Hanzi Master from sale. We will continue to support existing customers on a best-effort basis. Please contact us if you need assistance. Inquiries to purchase rights to release and develop the product further are also welcome.

Hanzi Master 3.x is available for iPad from the App Store.