Hanzim Release Notes

Desktop Version Retired December 2017

Twenty-one years is a long run for any software product, particularly one serving a niche within a niche. Hanzi Master was first released as an open source linux application in 1996, and gained some popularity through packaging in several distributions. It was converted to a commercial product in 2007 in the hopes that the resulting financial benefits could support taking it to the next level. Although this never fully panned out, massive improvements were made to the dictionary data and feature set, and versions were released for Windows and Macintosh. Sales in recent years however have been insufficient to justify further efforts on maintenance, so we have removed Hanzi Master from sale. We will continue to support existing customers on a best-effort basis. Please contact us if you need assistance. Inquiries to purchase rights to release and develop the product further are also welcome.

The iPad version remains available for the time being.

New in version 3.9 April 2017
  • Dropbox support updated for internal API changes.
  • Mac support updated for library changes.
New in version 3.8 November 2014
  • Dropbox sync for vocabulary lists.
  • New external dictionary for Russian.
  • New external dictionary for Cantonese.
  • Bug fixes and dictionary improvements.
Added in version 3.7 June 2013
  • Two thousand new dictionary entries (now 6,200+ characters, nearly 25,000 words)
  • Character variants now recognized in lists, in the reader, and when entering characters
  • Bug fixes
Added in version 3.6 March 2013
  • Bug fixes
  • Mac app is now signed
Added in version 3.5 September 2012
  • Improved CeDict, HanDeDict, CFDict integration
  • Handwriting recognition on Mac platform
  • Modernized Linux version
  • Study list tutorial
  • Introduced iPad version
Added in version 3.4 March 2011
  • Flashcard improvements:
    • larger display
    • fullscreen mode
    • mark known items
  • Download study lists from online library
  • Improved study list import/export
  • Bug fixes
Added in version 3.3 December 2010
  • Export study lists
  • Drag and drop for reader files
  • Improved resizing, particularly for small screens
  • Added Help buttons and tooltips
  • Usability improvements for text boxes and elsewhere
  • Bug fixes
Added in version 3.2 May 2010
  • Customize and add word definitions
  • Improved pinyin and English lookup with hyperlinks
  • Zoom in/out (larger/smaller) commands
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements
Added in version 3.1 February 2010
  • Character mnemonics (Deluxe Edition)
  • Compounds-of-character flashcards (Deluxe Edition)
  • Reset view menu item
  • Numerous small UI improvements and bug fixes
Added in version 3.0 September 2009
  • Ability to mark characters as members of custom lists
  • Ability to edit definitions
  • Use of external dictionaries including cedict, handedict
  • Display remainders that are not characters using images
  • New Deluxe Edition containing:
    • Stroke animations
    • Spoken pronunciations
    • Historical development
    • Flashcards

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