Hanzim Historical Release Notes

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Version 2.5 May 2009 (final 2.x series)
  • Optionally show 3/4-character compounds in upper lists
  • Reader: show definitions for all pronunciation of a character
  • Radical menu entries now depend on frequency level
  • All settings now saved automatically on exit
  • Easier installation on Linux
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements
Added in version 2.4 March 2009
  • Displays 3/4-character compounds
  • Ying-han button is gone - just click in definition pane
  • Simplified frequency display control plus a dictionary info popup
  • Handles simplified characters with multiple traditional forms
  • Convert between simplified / traditional in Reader and on paste into main
  • Stores pronunciation in history
  • Optionally displays characters containing main character
  • Misc bug fixes and UI improvements
Added in version 2.3 February 2009
  • Support a wider range of Chinese font sizes
  • Improve tooltip placement in Reader
  • Add decompositions for more characters
  • Return more results from phonetic search
  • Show tooltips for truncated compound definitions
  • Add Reset option to preferences
  • Linux version now available (beta)
  • Misc bug fixes and UI improvements
Added in version 2.2 January 2009
  • Interactive search window:
    • Component-based search for characters
    • Pronunciation-based search for words
  • Cantonese support: jyutping pronunciations
  • Enhanced annotated reader:
    • Displays 3- and 4-character compounds
    • Shows all word possibilities for each character
    • Supports other plaintext encodings besides UTF-8
    • UI improvements
  • Stroke number headings in bottom-left (radical list) panel
  • Option to display lists in alternating colors
  • Quick reference help pages for different windows
Added in version 2.1 November 2008
  • Integrated help
  • Open file in reader
  • Services integration on Mac
  • Misc bug fixes / UI improvements
Added in version 2.0 October 2008
  • Annotated reader
  • Chinese font customization
  • Improved dictionary and character structure data
  • Sort character lists by stroke order
  • Display character frequency information
-- Previous Major Version --
Version 1.10 March 2008
  • Update to fix Help Menu under Leopard
  • Direct input method-based character entry on Windows